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National Election Study 2014

West Bengal: Mamata holds on to her fortress

In the 16th Lok Sabha Election 2014, West Bengal has witnessed some interesting trends. Apart from the debacle of the Left and the ascen...»

Women’s vote in 2014

The National Election Studies (NES) have so far advanced three observations regarding the nature of women’s vote in Indian elections. The...»

The Congress Rout in Haryana

It was a huge climb down for the Congress party in Haryana - from nine seats in 2009 to just one this time. The outcome has more than mer...»

Welfare benefits and vote choice

The view that a vote in favour of the incumbent party is partly a function of the utility a voter derives in the form of benefit that he...»

AAP: a fledgling party in Indian politics

Launched in November 2012, just about a year before the general election, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) caught the attention of the nation in...»

Odisha: Rise of one-party dominant State

The Biju Janta Dal (BJD) in Odisha withstood the challenge of the Modi wave that swept across much of India’s political landscape in the...»

Maharashtra: The Last Fortress Falls

The 2014 Lok Sabha verdict in Maharashtra would loom large over the upcoming Assembly Elections later this year. The ruling alliance - th...»

Obituary for coalitions: New Dawn or Chimera?

Has the 2014 election result ended the coalition era, with the BJP becoming the first party in 30 years to have a majority of its own in...»

Gujarat: Rise of the One-Party State

With Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate, a massive victory in Gujarat for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was not unexpec...»

Assam: BJP’s entry in North East

Assam was among the few States where the Congress party had been very optimistic about pulling off a good performance. »

Upper Caste: Advantage BJP

As expected and as indicated by Lokniti’s surveys, the 2014 elections saw a massive consolidation of the upper caste support in favour of...»

Changing urban politics

The results of 16th Lok Sabha pose a serious challenge to the conventional distinction between voting behavior in urban and rural India. »

Voting Patterns among Scheduled Tribes

Despite the emergence of regional parties in various parts of India in the 1990s, tribal communities have continued to support the Congr...»

Lok Sabha 2014 - A further marginalisation of Muslims?

Amidst the disastrous news for the Congress in the Lok Sabha election, there is perhaps a small consolation for it. While the party perfo...»

The UPA-II Report Card

If the recent election results are any indicator, the performance of the United Progressive Alliance government clearly led to the massi...»

A Modi landslide in the mountains

The Bharatiya Janata Party did extremely well in the mountainous states of North India — Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kash...»

The Story of Dalit Vote: between the BJP and the BSP

The story of the Dalit vote in the 2014 election has two intertwined accounts. First, nationally the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has man...»

It is Modi, not BJP that won this election

One in every four respondents who voted for NDA said they would not have voted for the coalition had Modi not been the prime ministerial can »

The Congress will have to reinvent itself

Though the defeat of the party was certain this time, the outcome was dramatic due to the lowest vote share »

Why minority vote consolidation did not happen

Even as Muslims rallied behind non-BJP options en bloc, they were overwhelmed by the Hindu upper caste and OBC consolidation »

The leadership factor in the 2014 polls

The decisive victory of the BJP and the visible rout of the Congress in the elections are attributed by many to the leadership factor. »

Higher turnout in youth vote

Of the several factors which contributed to the big win for the Bharatiya Janata Party, the role of youth can neither be understated nor...»

Does corruption influence voter choice?

There is overwhelming consensus that the Congress-led UPA has performed poorly in this election owing to charges of massive corruption a...»

The importance of high turnout

The 2014 Lok Sabha election saw several previous records being shattered, participation...»

Regional parties win favour in divided Andhra Pradesh

Though the two states voted differently, the Congress lost ground in both »

Educated, urban voters flocked to BJP in MP

Huge victory margins indicate party’s expanded base across all social sections »

Delhi: AAP’s debacle scripted BJP’s clean sweep

In Delhi, after a long gap of 15 years the BJP could finally upstage the Congress by securing over 46 per cent of vote share and winning...»

Rajasthan: Modi makes ‘Mission 25’ look easy

BJP got support from all sections and in the rural areas »

The real star in Punjab is AAP

The Punjab verdict is bad news for the two mainstream alliances in the State and signals the rise of a third alternative »

In Chhattisgarh, BJP builds on success of 2009

The BJP’s vote share among Dalits rose to 37 per cent while among the lower OBCs it rose to almost 60 per cent. »

No influence of national issues in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu verdict is clearly a vote of endorsement for the AIADMK, placing it as the largest State-based party in the Lok Sabha »

Bucking double anti-incumbency in Kerala

Kerala was one of the few States where the Congress was able to challenge the rise of the BJP »

Congress fails to impress in Karnataka

While the BJP has done well in the State, the Congress did not face a humiliating defeat like in the rest of the country »

A new phase of the polity

In a series of articles over the next few days, The Hindu will present findings of the National Election Study 2014, a post-poll survey coor »

A saffron sweep in Uttar Pradesh

The Bharatiya Janata Party seems to have succeeded in evolving a grand Hindu coalition, while the Muslim vote by and large went to non-BJP p »

Bihar: interpreting the massive mandate

The vote this time round was a strong assertion of change at the Centre. Only 9 per cent of the Muslims voted for the BJP; 60 per cent voted »

Jharkhand: confirming the national trend

Only 9 per cent of the Muslims voted for the BJP; 60 per cent voted for the Congress and its allies »

Methodology of the survey

The survey findings in the articles to be presented in this series over the next few days are based on the National Election Study 2014 (...»



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