In view of the recent incidents of violence and upheaval in our State, we, a group of concerned citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, have come together to make a heartfelt appeal for peace, interfaith dialogue and renewal of mutual respect among members of different communities.

A culture of inclusiveness and understanding has existed in our multicultural State, and we believe that genuine and sincere efforts must be made to maintain and strengthen that culture. We strongly condemn all incidents of violence. We appeal to all those who believe in human values to prevail upon their friends, families, colleagues and students to help each other take a stand against short-sighted, communal and sectarian beliefs and to work towards dialogue and reconciliation.


Ved Bhasin, Siddiq Wahid, Annil Suri, Khalid Hussain, Vikrant Kuthiala, Nighat Shafi and Mohammad Shafi Pandit, Jyotsna Singh, Rekha Chowdhary, Zafar Choudhary, Irm Amin Baig, Iffat Wani, Nusrat Andrabi, Yasmeen Ashai, Neerja Mattoo, Ehsan-ul-Haque, Mushtaq Wani, Masood Hussain, Ayaz Nazki, Ellora Puri, Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal, Fehmida Shah, Vivek Ganju, Monika Kohli, Farida Khan, Umang and Surinder Chowdhary, Seema Shekhar Khajuria, Shazia Khan, Hameed Choudhary, Owais Raheem and Ritu, Ashok Bhan, Nitish Arora, Om Saraf, Raja Karim, Raju Kerni, Mohita Bhatia, RK Kalsotra, Javaid Rahi, Poornima Chowdhary, KK Kapoor, Lalit Gupta, KD Mani, Choudhary Salam Din, HA Siddiqui, Bakhtawar Malik, Liaquat Jaffri, Sudershan Singh Wazir, Sardar Ramnik Singh Bijral, Avtar Singh Khalsa, Mohinder Singh, Paramjit Singh, Mandeep Singh Bijral, Dayal Singh Wazir, Surjeet Singh Kukoo, Virender Dev Singh, Rajan Radhey, Nidhi Bharghava, Geetika Jamwal, Dr Nidhi Pandoh, Dr Narinder Singh, Virender Raina.

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