Heard about the ePad Femme? No, it’s not an intimate sanitary product but a tablet PC designed exclusively for women. And it is, hold your breath, pink in colour.

It’s fantastic how thoughtful manufacturers and marketers can be when it comes to women. Here I was, depressed with all these black, grey and silver tablets, my womanly nerves jangling at the insensitivity of it all. And they launch a cute pink thing designed just for me. Sweet!

This thoughtful product is brought to you by the Eurostar group, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, and targeted at women in the region. All those women who are not allowed to drive cars or walk to the market unless escorted by husband or brother.

And if you thought the ePad Femme was only about colour, think again. It’s simply superb when it comes to features. For one, it comes pre-loaded with a bunch of apps. Here I was, worrying my tiny little mind about how to select an app and download it but now it’s all done for me, like starch-in-a-bottle that I can use for my husband’s shirts and my daughter’s PT uniform.

The apps

All the apps have been carefully picked to make life easier for me. There’s the grocery list app, for instance. After I finish work, either at an office where they have weighed me down with a complicated desktop, or right after I finish laundering those shirts, I can hop into my car (that I don’t drive) and pick up food that my useful e-list will generate for me. All the while totting up the calories using the weight loss app called Women’s Assistant (also pre-loaded).

In a quote to the Jerusalem Post, Mani Nair, Associate Vice-President for Marketing at Eurostar Group, has said, “The tablet comes preloaded with applications so you can just turn it on and log in to cooking recipes or yoga.” And here we women were struggling and wondering what to do with our Androids. Till Eurostar came along and told us that we could use technology to get better in the kitchen and improve our figures.

Funny how some women just don’t seem to get it. Saudi feminist blogger Eman Al Nafjan is complaining that the tablet is just another way to give women information aimed at pleasing their husbands. There’s ingratitude for you.

There’s also a mysterious Finest Perfume for Women app. I am not sure how it works but chances are it tells us how, right after serving a nutritious hot dinner, we could pick the correct heady scent that’s calculated to seduce the man in our complicated-now-made-easy lives.

I’m so glad I haven’t bought an iPad yet, now that this wonderful gadget is on the market. And for all those hard-to-please old cats out there, I’m confident Version 2 will have dinky cut-outs that you can dress up in the latest fashions, home makeover apps, and so much more.

What with Swarovski-encrusted bling phones, Bic ball pens with thin barrels just to fit a woman’s hand, and now this… I never knew technology could be so exciting.


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