It was distressing to read that in Pakistan, a woman’s right to life is conditional to her conforming to social norms and traditions; the whole of society is acting as her oppressor (“A history of wrongs against women,” June 13). The requirement in the present scenario is not to empower one gender over the other but to ensure a balance between the two genders toward the achievement of joint goals, a better society, and a better future.

Geethu Issac,


The need of the hour is to repeal the Hudood Ordinance as it takes away from women the right to seek justice.

Saba Fatmi,

New Delhi

A religion which advocates equal rights for women — be it in education, property-holding or domestic issues — is now being misinterpreted by some fanatics. One can draw parallels between the sufferings faced by women in Pakistan and India. Both are denied a say in their own marriage. Begetting a female child is taboo and rape victims suffer untold trauma. The two countries may have won independence but when will their women get true liberation?

T. Anand Raj,


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