That an Indian-origin chef won $100,000 with the humble ‘upma' at the Top Chef Masters' contest is heartening. Upma, a unique type of pasta, has become almost a staple breakfast diet in Indian households and hostels. It is an easy-to-make cuisine for women when they are otherwise busy and for hostel cooks when they feel lazy. It requires no side dish as such and can be eaten with sugar. It also goes well with peeled bananas and honey. Shredded coconut flakes make upma more palatable. It is easily digestible but not necessarily popular. The demand for upma is bound to soar now, particularly among the elite.

G. David Milton,


It is a matter of celebration that upma — one of the everyday triple delicacies of the common man of south India — has found a pride of place in the U.S. Dosa has already found its place on the international scene too. It is hoped idli will soon win similar honours.

R. Ramachandra Rao,


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