The article “Stay-at-home mom” (Open Page, Jan. 31) 2010 was indeed thought-provoking. A working woman for 38 years and a mother of two sons, I look back with pride for being able to balance house work and official duty without feeling an iota of exhaustion. That is because I enjoyed both the roles.

Motherhood makes any woman feel complete. There is no place for the so-called liberation of woman in her natural role. When we took up jobs we never thought of career prospects. We worked to augment the income of our families. The inhibitions of young women today to start a family are only a myth. A child in a house is not a burden. On the contrary, he/she is a bundle of joy and helps us to de-stress. There is no need to spend all our working hours with children except during infanthood. Even an hour of loving attention is enough to strengthen the bond. My children always said, “I love you mom” though I did not stay at home.

B. Satya,


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