While on a brief visit to Iran a few years ago, I could see the hardship caused by crippling sanctions imposed by the U.N. as Iran was allegedly enriching uranium and on the threshold of making a bomb. Now, thanks to the six-nation initiative, Iran has agreed to stop all activities that would have made an atomic object possible, and which would have exacerbated tensions. Iran’s new President has been pragmatic enough to realise where the country’s interests lay. Though it is an interim agreement, Iran and the rest of the world can breathe easy now. India can start importing crude oil and proceed towards a better trade arrangement with that county. Quiet diplomacy has won the day. It is heartening to note that it still occupies an important place in normalising relations between nations.

D.B.N. Murthy,


Iran’s historic deal with the West shows that peaceful negotiations always win the day. The world has been spared another phase of worry and turmoil if war was the alternative.

We are lucky that good sense prevailed and Russia managed to convince the countries that dialogue would be the best option. Dissent in the Middle East over this deal can also be curbed through dialogue.

P. Prasanna Babu,


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