This has reference to the article on wife-beating by A. Faizur Rahman (Open Page, May 2). One fails to understand how the clergy are still allowing it although “lightly.” The Koran does not use the word “lightly” and therefore, if beating is allowed at all, why lightly? Does this mean that the holy book sanctioned severe beatings? The ulema must give this a serious thought.

Nafeesa Aalam,


The interpretation that wife-beating is un-Islamic is logical. Taking this to a more progressive level, should it not be asked why a man alone has to enforce all these procedures on his wife? What if the husband is the cause of the marital discord? Can she not be instrumental in initiating the four steps as enunciated in the scripture? All these and many more such anomalies' which were not envisaged in the medieval period need to be addressed and the Muslim law codified to prevent injustice to women to suit the present day contexts.

Kasim Sait,


Either out of ignorance or deliberately the verses of the Koran were misinterpreted by some scholars in the past. As we move ahead from primitiveness towards progress, there is a great need to understand the holy book so as to honour God's will and the message that the Holy Prophet has brought. A confident and secure woman makes for a confident and brave future generation. It is high time outdated mullahs were shown their place and women given their due respect and dignity.

Zohra Javed,

Navi Mumbai

Nowhere does the holy book sanction wife-beating. The Prophet in several hadiths has strongly discouraged it. In one hadith, he asked how one can beat his wife and then expect to sleep with her. The Muslim patriarchy can no longer keep the women under their thumb in the name of the Shariah. Thanks to The Hindu for publishing the article.

Nausheen Hassan,


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