We complain of police laxity if they do not implement the law. We complain of moral policing and their going into overdrive when they implement the law (“Maximum City’s morality play,” July 7). This paradox is unwarranted. Asking for a permit (if mandated by law) or ensuring that rules are obeyed should not be construed as over-enthusiasm or morality play. The police cannot be asked not to implement the law just because it has been ignored for long. Those who decry police action will be the first to blame the force when hit-and-run cases are caused due to alcohol consumption.

Shail S. Vora,


The article does not spare a thought for the children and wives of men who waste their evenings and earnings drinking in a restaurant. It spares no thought for those affected by liquor shops in and around their residence. Women do not feel safe. Parents are concerned. They don’t hold rallies and processions but that does not mean everything is fine.

Vardhan Kale,


Human beings are not nocturnal creatures. We do not need a night life. In fact, staying awake at night injures our health. By messing up our biological clock, we become prone to stress, insomnia and other psychological and physiological problems. As for the argument that everyone has a right to enjoy life, do people who don’t drink and party don’t enjoy? When you spend time and money on liquor and parties, the only returns you get are liver damage and a horde of other problems. The “entertainment culture” of cities is abominable. The media has corrupted youth by portraying alcohol, sex and late nights as “cool”.

Shyam Sundar Sridhar,


The strict implementation of rules by the Mumbai police is welcome. The article is only an attempt to belittle the police department for being strict.

Ramachandran Kailasam,


If Vasant Dhoble is interested in moral policing, why doesn’t he raid the houses of politicians? Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with Sidharth Bhatia’s perspective on bar dance. What are we to make of “entertainment-loving, partying” modern Mumbaikers who want to see half-naked women while enjoying their drinks?

Jane Mary Kurian,



Maximum City’s morality playJuly 7, 2012

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