The Hindu deserves to be congratulated on making the BJP discover the significant change made in the Standing Committee report on the civil nuclear liability bill. The BJP's feigned ignorance over the insertion of the word “and” between clauses 17(a) and 17(b) lends credence to the accusation that the Hindutva party's sudden support for the controversial bill was actually part of a deal with the Congress to let Narendra Modi off the hook in the Sohrabuddin case. All the same, the prompt removal of the word “and” from the bill underscores the importance of a vigilant media.

In this context, the prominence given to socio-economic issues, particularly through the articles of P. Sainath, and highlighting the discrimination faced by the minorities such as the reportage concerning the denial of loans by banks to Muslim students and the violence unleashed by Hindutva mobs in stopping the construction of a mosque in Delhi, puts The Hindu in the forefront of responsible journalism.

A. Faizur Rahman,


The Hindu's exposure of the UPA government's attempt to mischievously insert the word “and” at the end of Clause 17(a) of the civil nuclear liability bill was timely. The BJP is now trying to assume a high moral ground. Pegging the liability cap at Rs.1500 crore is arbitrary and unrealistic, because the damage resulting from a nuclear disaster will be enormous. It is still not too late for the UPA government to show maturity, have a meaningful discussion regarding all aspects of the Bill with all political parties, including the Left, and arrive at a consensus in the nation's interest.

K.V. Krishnaswamy,


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