Russian President Vladimir Putin’s appeal to Americans (Sept. 13) needs to be read with attention as the points raised by him are relevant. Times are changing and countries relying on military power should realise that only a humane approach, not force, can find a lasting solution to conflicts.

Military victories have always proved to be ephemeral. U.S. policymakers should stop boasting and glorifying their might and see fellow beings as equal.

A.G. Rajmohan,


Mr. Putin has done well to disagree with Barack Obama’s reference to the U.S. as an “exceptional” country, and point to the dangers of being seen as “exceptional.”

He has reiterated what Abraham Lincoln said: all are equal. It is indeed important to ensure that Syria does not become another Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya.

Ch. Srikanth,



From Russia, a plea for caution September 13, 2013

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