The immediate response by the army to the disaster is much appreciated. It has boosted the army’s image, which took a beating after the General V.K. Singh controversy and the AFSPA debate. Amid reports of helplines not working and food supply not reaching those stranded, one can only hope that the administration will take a lesson from the army’s preparedness to deal with any situation.

Navneet Singh,


While the army once again proved its mettle by providing critical help to the thousands stranded, our political class and the sleepy administration once again failed to deliver. How can about 50 helicopters rescue thousands stranded in Uttarakhand?

Mridul Purohit,


From the terrifying spectacle of nature’s fury in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, it is evident that rescue operations will not be easy. Many PSUs have their own helicopters. So do industrial houses. The State governments and political parties too own choppers. Can’t all these be pressed into service?

It is unfortunate that the government cannot do any out of the box thinking even during an emergency.

S. Rohini,


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