Prema Jayakumar’s feat of topping the nationwide Chartered Accountancy exam has made us all proud. The news comes as a whiff of fresh air amid the atmosphere of political scams. Tamil Nadu in particular is happy to know that a young girl belonging to the State has topped a tough competitive examination. Bright students cannot be deterred by economic constraints. Where there is a will, there is a way.

S. Venugopalan,


I was really moved on reading that Prema’s desire is to keep her parents in comfort. A shining example of an ideal family!

V.N. Ramachandran,


Prema’s astounding achievement is the result of living the highest ideals of life, as reflected in her unwavering focus, determination and perseverance to achieve her goal despite the adverse conditions she had to face. It also brings to the fore how family power (not family silver) in terms of love, affection and spirit of sacrifice can be a real game changer.

Prema has become a role model for all aspiring young Indians, all the more for those who are afflicted by the social disease called poverty. She is a standing example of what woman power is and what it can achieve. Let us celebrate this young woman’s achievement and pray that her tribe increases.

G. Venkataraman,

New Delhi

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