As pointed out in the editorial “Lose-lose deal” (Dec. 10), India took a measured and practical stand in the standoff between the Madives government and GMR over the contract for operating and maintaining Male airport. Making it an issue involving national pride would have indeed shown India in a poor light. Diplomacy calls for mature and sane responses, not knee-jerk jingoism. The power tussle in the island nation, which resulted in the unfortunate scenario, is best left to it to resolve.

Raj Vikram,


The government rightly refrained from interfering in the action taken by the Maldives government, thus making a clear distinction between national interest and commercial interest. Going by the same principle, our government would do well to revisit the GMR contracts in Indian airports too.

N.G.R. Prasad,


Although it was prudent of India to stay away from the standoff, the manner in which the contract was annulled was appalling. Every private company will henceforth think twice before investing in Maldives.

Debajyoti Bhattacharyya,



Lose-lose dealDecember 10, 2012

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