I salute our judicial system for upholding the spirit of democracy. Unfazed by public outcry — over ‘delay’ in retribution or opposition to the death penalty — the legal machinery gave Kasab a fair trial. I am deeply touched by the editorial. I am proud that The Hindu plays a role in shaping public opinion.

Aruna Suresh,


Only a newspaper of high standard and moral conviction like The Hindu can ask its readers to dispassionately debate the need for the death penalty when the popular mood is to celebrate the death of a terrorist.

M.V. Nagavender Rao,


It is testimony to The Hindu’s credibility that it did not get carried away but stood for the larger issue of abolishing the death penalty.

I approve of Kasab’s execution because this is the way to handle terrorism. India should show prospective terrorists that Kasab’s fate awaits them and, at the same time, work on improving ties with Pakistan.

Narasimhan Khadri


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