After over a quarter-of-a-century, justice appears to be in sight for the victims of the anti-Sikh riots. The CBI’s move of getting the Lieutenant Governor’s sanction to prosecute former MP and senior Congress leader Sajjan Kumar in connection with the riots is welcome.

T.R. Anandan,


The victims and their families can take some comfort from the CBI’s move. There seems some light at the end of the tunnel. The inquiry should be conducted without any loss of time in order to prove that the criminal justice system is neither dormant nor non-existent in our country. It will send the right signal that the perpetrators of crime cannot escape the law.

H.P. Murali,


With the ball set in motion for the prosecution of the former Congress MP, it is hoped that the victims of the 1984 riots will see justice sooner than later.

The memory of the riots which followed the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi still fills me with horror and disgust. I was in Delhi then and I cannot forget the fear psychosis created by the rioting mobs. All those who flouted the law should get the severest punishment possible.

K.S. Lakshmi,


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