The former Supreme Court judge V.R. Krishna Iyer's exhortation to Union Law Minister to do away with vacations in the Supreme Court and the High Courts is welcome. It is time the Law Ministry acted on the advice of the distinguished judge. It is shocking to learn that judges work for only 180 days and the High Courts 200 days a year. When the volume of pending cases is mounting, judicial officers should voluntarily come forward to remove the vacation rule.

V.K.R. Raghavan,


An amendment to the Constitution to do away with the vacations, as suggested by Justice Iyer, is absolutely necessary if the judiciary is serious about speeding up justice. On this subject, the apex court should take note of the great contribution of Justice Chandru, in setting an example by clearing around 17,000 cases per month, at an average, from the time he has taken charge. As reported in the Frontline magazine, he has also delivered many landmark judgments during this period. Perhaps the Supreme Court can make a study of the methods adopted by Justice Chandru, during his dedicated justice-rendering endeavours. All these efforts, along with the improvement of infrastructure and increase in the strength of judges would go a long way in helping remove the stigma of “justice delayed is justice denied.”

Kasim Sait,


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