Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s action plan to curb sexual offences against women is welcome. One of the reasons for the increasing number of sex-related crimes is the prolonged duration of trials. Offenders use the legal loopholes to get away or get lighter punishment. Strict laws and their quick implementation are important reasons why such crimes are fewer in number in West Asian countries.

Unless people understand that immediate punishment awaits those who indulge in criminal offences like murder and rape, it will be difficult to control these crimes. Ms Jayalalithaa’s proposal to bring sex offenders under the purview of the Goondas Act will certainly enable the police to take strong action.

S. Hariharan,


While the Delhi gang rape is condemnable and the perpetrators deserve the harshest punishment possible, amending the Central laws should be done with a lot of restraint and thought. While no one disagrees that there is an urgent need for empowerment and protection of women and the girl child, we should also accept the fact that not all women are as innocent as is being projected. A woman in a consensual relationship may allege rape either when the relationship goes sour or for blackmailing men.

The lawmakers should try to contain the sleaze in the entertainment media and the easy access to porn that instigate the youth.

A. Radha Krishna,


The first step in curbing crimes against women is reporting the crimes without hesitation or fear of further humiliation. The police should be sensitised in handling the complaints with a human touch. Chemical castration is fine. The government should also think of denying voting rights and ration cards to convicted rapists. Their movement in public places should be regulated. Rapists should not be given bank loans, employment opportunities, government sops and subsidies.

D. David Appollo,


People in a fit of anger demand the death penalty for rapists. Of course, the rapists involved in the gang rape and brutal attack on the 23-year-old in a Delhi bus deserve to be hanged. But while amending the laws, the country should explore the option of making laws similar to those existing in many developed countries — chemical or surgical castrations combined with a jail term. Such punishment, while serving as a punitive measure and a deterrent, would be realistic and meet the ends of justice.

C. Periyasamy,


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