MIM legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi’s arrest on charges of delivering a hate speech is welcome. Such irresponsible behaviour should be dealt with strictly.

Manjula Chivukula,


Why do people like Mr. Owaisi succeed as leaders? Because the uneducated and the undereducated never had legitimate leaders to guide them. They have always been misguided for political motives in the name of the religion they espouse. The retaliatory hate speeches made by political leaders of other faiths are a testimony to the fact that evil begets evil. While Hinduism is known as a tolerant, non-violent religion, some political leaders present a completely distorted picture of the religion.

Abhishek Singh Chauhan,


I am a student of class 8. I study, play and grow up with students from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Hate speeches pave the way for disharmony. If one part of a system were to revolt, the whole structure will break leading to chaos. I hope Mr. Owaisi’s arrest will prevent other leaders from making inflammatory speeches.

J. Anshuman,


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