In my life of 70 years, I find that the only laudable action the United States has taken is to move a resolution in the United Nations against Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes and human rights violations by the Sri Lankan army.

Reports of atrocities committed by the army are shocking. India should not hesitate to support the draft resolution, fearing that Colombo may move towards Beijing. Reports of LTTE leader Prabakaran's youngest son, allegedly killed by Sri Lankan forces (as claimed by Channel 4), are disturbing.

V. Ananda Rao,

Chennai It is shocking to learn that the Sri Lankan army is accused of war crimes. Worse is the Centre's stoic silence on the new revelations.

The few surviving Tamils in Sri Lanka are a haunted lot, badly bruised physically and mentally, with nowhere to go. New Delhi should support the U.N. draft resolution.

P.K. Syam Kumar,


That many Sri Lankan Tamils were killed in the last Eelam war is well known. There is no question of India opposing the U.N. resolution. It should spare a thought for the Tamils living in the north and eastern parts of Sri Lanka who are still struggling for their rights.

Pankaj Yelapale,


This refers to the report “Prabakaran's son's killing: Sri Lanka denies knowledge” (March 12). It is time honest people trained Channel 4 and Britain in media ethics. Prabakaran sent his children to good schools and colleges in the West, while proscribing the rest of the children in the north of Sri Lanka for 30 years. In one infamous failed attack by the LTTE on the Pooneryn camp in the late 1990s, many LTTE child soldiers were killed. Of course, they were killed by the Sri Lankan Army, which made Maj. Gen. Janaka Silva a household name.

But who recruited, trained, armed and sent those children to attack an army camp? Thousands of children were hacked to death in 30 years by the LTTE and many others were caught in bombs blasted by the outfit on buses, trains and other public places.

Anura Samantilleke,


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