I do not agree with Markandey Katju that a majority (90 per cent) of Indians vote on caste lines. His observation undermines our electorate. Our voters are intelligent, politically conscious, and know who should be shown the door. In a country where countless number of castes and sub-castes exist, not many voters can vote for candidates who belong to their caste. Many honest leaders have been voted to power successively based on their service to people, irrespective of the caste or religion they belong to.

Of course, some voters accept money and liquor from candidates before elections. But it is the politicians who are to blame for offering such inducements and creating divisions among voters on caste lines.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,


Indian voters are not a herd of sheep or livestock to vote blindly on the basis of caste or religion. It may be true that political parties appeal for votes on the basis of caste and religion. But it is wrong to say that 90 per cent of the electorate vote along caste lines.

A. Srikantaiah,



90% Indians vote on caste lines, says KatjuMarch 31, 2013

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