Siddharth Varadarajan is right in pointing out that Canada's attitude towards the Indian armed forces — of treating them as a criminal outfit — is inexcusable (“Ottawa, you have a problem,” May 28). Some security personnel are, no doubt, guilty of excesses and violation of human rights such as fake encounters, custodial deaths, and torture. India should be firm in bringing such men to justice. Otherwise, for the fault of a few men in uniform, the entire armed forces run the risk of being disgraced.

Nirmala P. Rao,


Canada, which has regretted the language used by its officials against the Indian security establishment, should conduct a thorough study before categorising persons as criminals. Agreed, some armed forces personnel are guilty of excesses in Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of India. The government, too, has been found wanting in dealing with them. But that does not mean Indian soldiers are criminal.

Ishan Gupta,


The issue of denying visas to individuals accused of specific human rights violations has triggered a debate on who can be brought under the purview. The broad approach of the Canadian government of including the entire Indian armed forces is unacceptable. The protection of a nation's borders is a matter of great importance. Treating soldiers involved in such an exercise as criminals is shameful.

Tarun Girdhar,


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