The spraying of ink on Sahara chief Subrata Roy (“Dark days,” March 5) near the Supreme Court by a lawyer is a shameful incident of vigilantism. No doubt many of us may not have faith in our justice system given the way it functions, but two wrongs cannot make a right. If not curbed, such heinous acts will only lead the country to anarchy. A person is innocent until the case against him is proved. The growing trend of vigilantism in India does not auger well for a democracy.

K.S. Thampi,


The Sahara chief was one corporate giant who was quite open about his numerous political connections. Now, does the strange silence of political parties and politicians mean that “he who must not be named”? If so, is Mr. Roy safe? The way the case is proceeding reminds one of the life and times and the end of Britannia’s Rajan Pillai in Tihar.

Jayakrishnan Nair P.,

Malappuram, Kerala


Man throws ink at Sahara chief, arrestedMarch 4, 2014

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