I was shocked on reading that Ilavarasan, a Dalit, who married Divya of an upper caste a year ago, committed suicide after his wife walked out of the marriage ostensibly under pressure from caste outfits.

While there may be some substance in the allegation that Ilavarasan’s death was not suicide, one cannot deny that he was dejected and could have decided to take his life.

My heart bleeds for the couple. Who is responsible for the young man’s death? How can Divya who has lost both her father and husband lead a peaceful life?

S. Ponnambalam,


Those who detested a Vanniyar woman marrying a Dalit man of her choice took the law into their own hands and wrecked havoc in the Natham village of Dharmapuri, sending out a loud message that men and women of different castes should not fall in love.

That they belonged to a caste-based party is well known. They should be charged with abetting suicide.

C. Sachidananda Narayanan,


It has been more than 60 years since Independence but we are still divided on the lines of caste. As rightly pointed out by some readers, society will change only when the political class agrees to bring about changes. While the beneficial government schemes announced by some governments for inter-caste couples may be welcome, we are far from achieving a casteless society.

Children of inter-caste couple inherit the caste of one of their parents. Most often, parents want them to inherit the caste that brings more concessions. A separate category should be created for inter-caste marriage couples and their children, and a special quota given to them in employment and education.

K. Kannappan,


I was shocked on reading the letter which said “the PMK is not against Dalits but against love affairs” (July 6). The reader has also asked why the couple could not have waited till they matured mentally. Who is anyone to accept or reject the love affair of Ilavarasan and Divya?

Inter-caste marriages which play an important role to end caste discrimination are not uncommon in Tamil Nadu. The problem arises when some political leaders presume they are the custodians of caste or religion.

A. Abdul Razack,


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