The Uttar Pradesh government deserves all praise for handling such a sensitive issue deftly (Ayodhya seers flay VHP for playing politics with Rama” & “Togadia, Singhal arrested,” Aug.26). The VHP should not impose its will by claiming that it upholds the unwritten code of conduct for Hinduism. It must remember that there are many devout Hindus. Conducting such padayatras affects the foundations of Hinduism. Peace will be threatened. It is time the VHP got the message. India does not need a wall between religion and peaceful living.

P.S.S. Murthy,


The VHP padayatra is ill-timed and out of depth in these times of deep economic distress. The common man is more worried about making ends meet. If the VHP is really interested in the welfare of the common man, let it offer solutions to the problems we face and force the UPA government to set things right. Instead of forcing a confrontation, the VHP should initiate a dialogue with the Babri Masjid committee and sort out all differences.

If this continues, the BJP can aspire to remain an Opposition party.

J.P. Reddy,


Instead of communalising society, the VHP should seize the opportunity in the numerous issues that confront the UPA. These have handed over to it on a platter.

Ram Krishna Dixit,


I am sure no patriotic citizen of the nation supports such yatras. What India requires today are processions and protests against corruption, price rise and non-governance. Let us hope the nightmarish events of 1992 will not repeat themselves.

Bhanamma Aravinda Bai,


The VHP should not have organised the yatra. All right-thinking citizens want peace, and not riots and bomb blasts. All this is apparently with an eye on 2014.

Praful Merchant,


When civil society is engaged in protesting against deteriorating law and order, food inflation and farmer suicides, the VHP strangely finds it appropriate to harp on the Ayodhya issue to entice the middle class and for the SP-led government to create an emergency-like situation to consolidate its minority vote bank. Both parties must know that Ramjanmabhoomi is no longer an emotional issue and that the Akhilesh Yadav government is paying the Sangh Parivar undue importance.

The hullabaloo is unnecessary and unwarranted. Instead, it is manipulative and communal politics at its worst, for which both the VHP and the SP should accept the blame.

K.S. Sundaram,


The unprovoked arrest of VHP leaders is clearly anti-constitutional. Followers of every religion can carry out any activity they wish to, which the Uttar Pradesh government has forgotten.

Manish Kulkarni,


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