This refers to the reports, “Veterinary drug given to patients in Jodhpur” (June 24) and “‘Drugs for human use, label was wrong’” (June 25). The physiological and other vital functions of a human body in respect of the nervous, cardiac, respiratory, urinary systems are almost similar to those of animals (mammals) except for multi-stomached ruminant bovines. As a retired professor of pharmacology with 30 years of experience I can say that in veterinary practice, most allopathic drugs prescribed for human beings are invariably used in animals by altering the dosage based on body weight, except for some specific drugs used exclusively in animals. In many cases, the computation of dosages of many allopathic drugs for humans is almost similar to that of canines. Hence, the drug may not cause any untoward reaction provided it is manufactured by a reputed firm.

B. Gowrisankar,


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