Congress leader Sonia Gandhi’s image has taken a beating, thanks to the controversy surrounding her son-in-law Robert Vadra’s dealings with the DLF. Arvind Kejriwal’s allegation that Mr. Vadra acquired huge wealth due to his DLF connection — with the company being given 350 acres of land by the Haryana government as a quid pro quo — is shocking. Congress spokespersons need to do a lot to defend Mr. Vadra.

K.A. Solaman,


The allegations of quid pro quo levelled by Mr. Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan against Mr. Vadra, that he was the prime beneficiary in property deals worth crores, seem backed by facts. The onus is now on Mr. Vadra and the Gandhi family to prove that he is innocent. The fact that property worth crores were given at throwaway rates, that too in a Congress-ruled State, calls for a serious probe.

Abhijeet Sharma,


Mr. Kejriwal’s allegation cannot be ignored. The Congress should order a probe if it is certain that the transaction between Mr. Vadra and DLF was legitimate.

B. Gurumurthy,


Congress spokesman Manish Tewari’s poser why an inquiry should be conducted into a business transaction between two private entities duly reported to the statutory authorities was avoidable. He could have made some attempt to refute the corruption charges instead.

As for Ms Gandhi’s spontaneous reaction, defending her son-in-law, in contrast to her stony silence when the party was embroiled in the Coalgate scam, it has only added to the party’s embarrassment. The desperate attempts by the Congress leaders to protect Mr. Vadra — who does not hold even a party post — show that Mr. Kejriwal has accomplished his mission of setting a cat among the pigeons.

Haridasan Mathilakath,


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