Sriram Balasubramanian has pointed out that although television serials are boring for many of us, they are also an inexpensive entertainer to the elderly and others confined to their homes (“Soaps have their uses too!,” Open Page, Oct. 30). What is bitter to some is sweet to others. But no one can deny that most TV channels do not telecast quality programmes. Old movies and cinema songs have become fodder for many. This is because they are forced to telecast programmes 24x7. Sponsors have a social responsibility to advise serial makers to produce quality programmes.

S. Sridhar,


If there is a power cut during a TV serial, telephone calls are made to friends and relatives to find out the latest development. As long as television channels continue to run serials, men need not worry.

There will be no fights between husband and wife, father and mother or mother-in-law and daughter-in law.

P. Poovalingam,


The author concludes on a diplomatic note saying a compromise should be struck between both people at home and office-goers on TV soaps. There are many cases of home-makers getting so involved in the serials that their thought process guides them to do what they see on screen. Some serials showcase downright negativity which easily permeates into the viewers' minds and when a similar situation arises in their household, they are inspired to implement it.

If a woman lashes out at her mother-in-law in a serial, the real-life daughter-in-law does the same. If alcohol consumption is shown as the salvation for love failure in a serial, it becomes the real-life solution for the common man. The only solution is to draw a distinct line between the soap and real life.

S. Arjun Prasanna,


It is when my 90-year-old mother fails to get up and watch her favourite serial that we know she is sick — I mean really sick. Being a chronic diabetic, most often she does not show clear symptoms even when there is a serious infection.

But if she says ‘no' to the serial, we take her to the hospital straight. I must say that her addiction to the soap has saved her life many times.

Titus Sankaramangalam,


Indeed women, who are the staunch viewers of TV serials, insist that other members of the family maintain silence during the ‘golden 30-minutes'. Sorry, ringing of mobile and land phones not allowed, you cannot talk, cough or sneeze.

Some women who are engrossed in their favourite serials go to the extent of supporting and arguing with the characters on screen. They sometimes cannot but weep if something unfortunate happens to their favourite actor.

R. Sivakumar,


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