The shutdown the U.S. is facing will lead to lakhs of people losing their employment and health coverage. It is a signal to the world that enthusiastic participation of the working class is an essential component for the survival and success of any economic policy. Workers being stripped of their employment will add to the already increasing unemployment and dwindling purchasing power of people, besides affecting the overall micro and macro economic situation. All these developments will spell disaster for dependent countries like India. Politics, not people’s welfare, prevails across the world.

A.G. Rajmohan, Anantapur

It is unfortunate that politics plays dirty games even in an advanced country like the U.S., putting millions of people in jeopardy, directly and indirectly. At a time when many countries are thinking of adopting the U.S. governance model, the shutdown will undermine its credibility.

S. Parthasarathy, Chennai

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