The editorial “Words no longer count” (May 24) is an excellent and critical review of the UPA government's performance. There is no doubt that the 2G scam has cast its huge shadow and overshadowed all the UPA's achievements giving rise to the unerasable perception that it is corruption-ridden. In the two years it has left, it should unveil a series of welfare measures for the people's economic betterment and cleanse the administration.

P.K. Varadarajan,


The UPA could well be on its way to becoming UPA III simply because there is no viable alternative. It is surviving because most in the political world want to complete a full term in office. It is acts of coalition dharma that have pushed governance to occupy a back seat. The Prime Minister and the UPA chairperson should spend more time in sorting out differences with allies and finding solutions to the various scams and scandals. It is time for them to introspect and give good governance and administer policies to benefit the common man. But time is running out.

A. Subbalakshmi,



Words no longer countMay 24, 2012

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