This refers to the article “An unusual friendship” (Jan. 19) on the close ties between two icons, Mother Teresa and Jyoti Basu — a believer and a non-believer. That Basu had great respect for Mother Teresa and her Congregation, despite being an atheist, speaks volumes about his sterling character.

S. Irudaya Selvaraj,



Of all the tributes paid to Jyoti Basu, the article by Navin B. Chawla stood out. It was a touching tribute to Jyoti Basu who was a die-hard communist and atheist but who extended all possible help to Mother Teresa in her exemplary efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the poor. The Marxist leader will be remembered for his deep-rooted concern for the marginalised sections.

N.C. Sreedharan,



The article was most enriching. When one’s heart is in the right place, ideology and religion are but tools that pave the path that leads to long-lasting service to humanity. It is with a heavy heart, indeed, that India bids farewell to the great statesman.

K.S. Lakshmi,



Though Jyoti Basu and Mother Teresa had divergent views on religion and faith, they shared a common goal. Are not the people of West Bengal, who have been voting for the Left for decades, famous for celebrating the Durga pooja?

J.P. Reddy,


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