Jairam Ramesh's remarks calling Home Ministry's policies towards Chinese companies “alarmist” and “paranoid” (May 9) is strange if not annoying. Such remarks may hamper the progress in collaborating with China on climate change. The ban against a Chinese company might have been a considered decision based on security concerns. The differences should have been resolved in Delhi. Expressing differences between ministries openly smacks of indiscipline.

M.A. Hakeem,


The Minister's reported remarks in Beijing badly reflect on his political wisdom and maturity. How our Home Ministry's security concerns come in the way of his taking forward the Copenhagen spirit of cooperation between China and India is beyond one's comprehension. He should thrash out his differences with Home Ministry in India and not in China. It is nothing but bad diplomacy on the part of Mr. Ramesh to have attributed his failures to the Home Ministry's attitude.

R. Narasimhan,


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