That the Pakistan Army has warned the duly elected Prime Minister, Yusuf Raza Gilani, of “grievous consequences” for his criticism of the military and the ISI is unfortunate, particularly when people in many countries of West Asia are fighting for democracy. A stable, democratic Pakistan is imperative for the stability of South Asia.

The U.S., a great votary and supporter of democracy across the world — which still wields considerable influence in Pakistan — should play a constructive role in strengthening and supporting the elected government. It should mend its differences with Pakistan, so that it does not give the army any scope to stage a coup.

C.A.C. Murugappan,


A military coup is nothing new for Pakistan. Except for brief spells, the country has been under military rule. Although this is an internal problem of Pakistan, New Delhi cannot close its eyes to the developments there. All army chiefs have been hostile to India during their rule. The government should keep a close watch on the developments in Pakistan.

S.K. Vijayan,


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