It was shocking to read the details of the changes Delhi University proposes to bring about in the structure and content of degree courses without adequate deliberations and consultations with all stakeholders (April 29). The proposals need to be debated and discussed at the appropriate academic forums. Parents, teachers, professors and even students need to be consulted.

As one who has seen the high academic standards of Delhi University degrees — my family members studied there — I am saddened at the impending collapse of the system.

Mythili Rangarajan,


New courses with more employment opportunities are welcome. But the changes being imposed by the University of Delhi are sure to confuse and complicate matters. Students on whom this experiment will be arbitrarily imposed are sure to find themselves left in the lurch. It is better to rethink and reconsider the decision and make suitable changes to avoid making guinea pigs out of a generation of students.

A.G. Rajmohan,


Of what use are changes if they are not backed by expert opinions? The Delhi University’s decision to bring about changes in its degree programme without wide consultations with all stakeholders is not only reckless but also harmful to a new generation of students.

Lokesh Singh,


The proposed changes in the undergraduate programme are uncalled for. The introduction of 11 foundational courses in the curriculum may cater to the job market but it will jeopardise India’s future capabilities in research and development. Undergraduate degree programmes are meant to be the gateway to research and must focus on specialised learning on core disciplines such as science, social sciences and the humanities. The proposed Baccalaureate approach is better suited for professional courses like engineering, where greater emphasis is on the need to enhance the employability of graduates.

E.A. Ibrahim,


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