Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s televised speech, coming more than a week after the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old student, has failed to inspire confidence and assuage the nation’s hurt psyche. As leader of the nation, the Prime Minister should have risen to the occasion by meeting the protesters and assuring them of swift action. The Delhi gang rape is not an isolated incident. Similar incidents continue to be reported from various parts of the country with alarming regularity. The government should send a strong message by enacting tougher laws.

B.H. Shanmukhappa, Davangere

The protests were not unexpected. They were the cumulative effect of pent-up frustration among youth. The government’s response was irresponsible. Using water cannon and teargas did not help matters much. Someone from the government should have met the protesters and assured them that their just demands would be met.

Y.V.S. Prabhakar, Hyderabad

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