It is deeply saddening to see a man of impeccable character like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh caught in an embarrassing situation for his alleged inaction in the Spectrum 2G issue. The Congress and the UPA government, which have drawn hugely on Dr. Singh's personal integrity and credibility, could have avoided this by strengthening his hands instead of arm-twisting him for so-called coalition compulsions. One hopes the architect of liberalisation will emerge from the episode with his reputation unscathed.

C. Chandramouli,


People were comfortable with the UPA government because it provided stable and smooth governance. Unfortunately, it is caught in a spate of corruption charges. Its handling of Kashmir and other issues, too, leaves much to be desired. The direct involvement of politicians of all major political parties in scams points to their selfishness. It is difficult to imagine the future that awaits our children.

D. Kishan Prasad Rao,


Over the past week, Parliament has been obstructed by a persistent Opposition which is bent on a JPC probe into the 2G Spectrum scam. The JPCs which went into the Bofors scandal and the Harshad Mehta stock scam hardly achieved anything. As for the CBI, it dances to the tune of the ruling party at the Centre.

Those accused of corruption should face a trial and, if found guilty, given exceptional punishment. The losses should be recovered from them.

L.R. Moorthy,


From the CWG to spectrum to land allotment in Karnataka, it seems we are caught in a quagmire of corruption. One thought with the opening up of the economy, the ‘licence raj' would end. It is not so. It has reinvented itself in different forms. Earlier, it was permits for sugar and cement. Now corruption has gone hi-tech. Sugar and cement are too downmarket.

Sharada Sivaram,


It seems to be raining scams. Political parties are vying with one another for a share of the pie. If it is a Suresh Kalmadi, an Ashok Chavan or an A. Raja in the UPA, it is the Reddy brothers and B.S. Yeddyurappa in the BJP. If there were to be a world championship in scamming, our politicians would win hands down.

We can no longer remain mute spectators to the goings-on and allow our politicians free access to our wealth and resources. It is time we cleaned up the mess by getting our voices heard and electing representatives with political finesse and ability.

N.J. Ravi Chander,


Corruption has become an integral part of everything in free India since the 1960s. The CWG, Adarsh and the 2G Spectrum scam clearly show that only corruption can beat corruption. Ministers facing corruption charges resign as a matter of routine to stay away from people's memory for a while.

V. Subramanian,


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