I was saddened to learn about India's vote against Sri Lanka on the U.N. resolution. The DMK's narrow-minded politics and the UPA government's lack of imagination have ensured that we are left without any friends in our neighbourhood. All our neighbours are now closer to China, thanks to our lack of strategic vision in engaging them.

If there were rights violations in Sri Lanka during the last phase of its war with the LTTE, it is for that country's law-enforcement agency and the judiciary to act upon — like our judiciary has done on matters related to alleged rights violations in Kashmir, Gujarat and naxal-infested States.

A. Narendra,


Foreign policy has become yet another casualty of coalition politics. Another coalition partner of the UPA government has compromised national interest at the altar of selfish politics. We have ensured that our country is surrounded by nations with strong ties with China.

N.K. Raveendran,


The issue of Sri Lanka's Tamils has not been handled properly by successive governments in Colombo. It has, in fact, remained a silent spectator to the real concerns of Tamil civilians. It is a strong political solution, rather than a military strategy, that is the need of the hour. India should continue to voice its concerns till the ethnic issue is amicably settled.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


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