I am disturbed by India’s ‘no’ to Pakistan’s proposal that the United Nations probe the killings along the Line of Control that led to the killing of two Indian jawans (Jan. 11). If the U.N. cannot be allowed to hold an inquiry into such issues, what for did the world community create the international forum? Will not our refusal imply that we have something to hide?

S.P. Asokan,


India was right in rejecting Pakistan’s proposal for a U.N. inquiry into the killing of two Indian soldiers along the LoC. We must suspend talks with Pakistan until the issue is sorted out. That said, a tit-for-tat operation would lead us nowhere. We must be mindful of the progress in the India-Pakistan peace talks.

Vijayan Ramamoorthy,


Hats off to The Hindu for publishing the true story behind the recent skirmishes on the LoC (Jan. 10)! It was refreshing to get an honest report amid the jingoism prevailing in other sections of the media.

Vishal Bondwal,


Now that the country is outraged over the dastardly act of the Pakistani army and is urging the government to act, what will follow is predictable. The western powers, notably the U.S., will start pressuring India to exercise the utmost restraint so as not to escalate the conflict. The onus will thus be on India to maintain peace along the LoC. The government will also heed that advice as it suits its designs of hobnobbing with Pakistanis in endless confabulations.

Let us admit we are no match for the Pakistani political and military establishments which play the ‘Good Cop-Bad Cop routine,’ with the irresponsible military resorting to brinkmanship and the political class pleading with India not to derail the peace process.

V.S. Kaushik,


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