As a young boy, I grew up dreaming that I would lift the World Cup someday. India's win at the Wankhede Stadium on Saturday was the ultimate moment for me and the rest of India. It brought smiles to the faces of all Indians. Batting, bowling and fielding — the three principal departments of the game — might not have been top class but they were not inferior either.

The nation erupted in ecstasy and this was in sharp contrast to the cool and clinical professionalism skipper M.S. Dhoni displayed while batting.

P. Arihanth,


India created history after 28 years. I was a child when India won the Prudential World Cup in 1983 — when Kapil Dev's men bucked the odds to defeat the formidable West Indies. Dhoni, who played a responsible captain's knock on Saturday, deserved the man of the match award.

Mohd. Ameeruddin Khan,


The impossible catch taken by Kapil Dev to send the dangerous Vivian Richards to the pavilion tilted the game in India's favour in the World Cup final of 1983.

After 28 years, the most adventurous batting against heavy odds by the out-of-form Dhoni enabled India to lift the World Cup.

K. Chandrasekaran,


The final in Mumbai started with the unusual double toss and ended with Dhoni's sixer. With that sixer, India achieved what it was waiting for eagerly since 1983.

Niharika Rajput,


Hearty congratulations to Team India on bringing the World Cup home after 28 years. It was a historic moment for the entire nation. The team led by Dhoni deserved the incredible victory. All players contributed their best. On Saturday, it was once again proved that team work, unified effort and perfect leadership always bear fruit. Congratulations to the runners up, Sri Lanka, too, for their excellent play.

V.V.K. Suresh,


Three cheers to Dhoni and his team for bringing laurels to the country. All players rose to the occasion. Dhoni's captaincy was the icing on the cake. A well deserved victory!

K. Vinaya Kumar,


The World Cup victory is a great achievement, which came after much hard work by all members of Team India and the Indian coach. My father tells me that when India won the World Cup in 1983, The Hindu carried the headline “India reaches the pinnacle of glory.” The newspaper's coverage of the 2011 World Cup was stupendous. Kudos to The Hindu team as well!

Rahul Vinod Kumar,


The victory in the World Cup was historic. I request the media to carry interviews of our players' parents. They will encourage more parents to send their children to participate in sports.

Krishna Tingrikar,


What a pleasure it was to view the World Cup with a bunch of friends and family from 4.30 am on Saturday, April 2. The large number of cars parked in our driveway so early in the morning caused some of our neighbours to stop by and check if everything was O.K. The traditional potluck south Indian breakfast of pongal, vadai and upma added to the enjoyment. We celebrated the Indian victory by cutting a nice huge cake decorated with the tricolour. As a cricket fanatic who watched India's first Test victory in Chepauk in 1952, it was an unforgettable experience for me.

Manjeri S. Raman,


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