Two news reports of two verdicts, one upholding Ajmal Kasab's death sentence for his role in 26/11 and the other convicting 32 persons in the Naroda-Patiya massacre case (August 30) reinforce that the Indian justice delivery system is indeed based on the noble principle “Truth alone triumphs.”

N. Azgar Ali,


Contrary to the adage ‘justice delayed is justice denied,’ justice has prevailed in the Naroda-Patiya massacre case. It was a case in which the perpetrators were offered political protection and the massacre itself was described as a spontaneous response to the Godhra carnage (“A stunning verdict,” August 30).

The conviction of BJP legislator Mayaben Kodnani and Bajrang Dal leader Babu Bajrangi by a Gujarat special court has not only reinforced the common man’s faith in the justice delivery system, but also exposed the dirty politics of the Narendra Modi government in shielding wrongdoers. The verdict has assured all that India is a land of diversities where every stream enjoys equal protection under the law.

Aijaz Hussain Malik,

New Delhi

The editorial is commendable for its brilliant analysis and extraordinary presentation. It has taken a forthright position in welcoming the judgment convicting 32 persons for the heinous crime committed against the minorities with the overt and covert blessings of the Gujarat government. The shameful conduct of those holding high social and political positions stands exposed.

S.V. Venugopalan,


While the conviction vindicates the efficacy of our justice delivery system, special credit must go to the wisdom and role of the Supreme Court which laid down the road map to deal with such cases.

The special court verdict should send a clear message to the perpetrators of organised violence that the long arm of law will catch up with them one day. It is equally important for the law-enforcing agencies to ensure that they serve the ends of justice before serving the writ of the political executive.

R. Narayanan,


Thanks to the highest standards set by the apex court in appointing an independent SIT, the victims of the massacre and those fighting for their cause stand vindicated. Such alacrity will certainly deter rioters from indulging in communal carnage and conflagrations.

Kasim Sait,


But for the Supreme Court’s effective intervention, the perpetrators would not have been brought to justice. What is most reprehensible is that even though Ms Kodnani, along with others, was alleged to have been instrumental in carrying out such gruesome mass murder, Mr. Modi chose to make her a Minister in his government. He owes an explanation to the nation.

Victims and witnesses have shown enormous courage under grave threats. They deserve the nation’s respect and praise. It is now the government's responsibility to ensure that they are not made to pay a heavy price for deposing in the trial.

S.K. Choudhury,


The special court has convicted 32 persons 10 years after 97 Muslims were killed in Naroda-Patiya. It will take another decade for the trial to be completed and the wounds of the victims and their relatives to be healed. Unless justice is swift, it will lose its meaning.

Syed Khaja,

New Delhi

Hats off to the justice system, the SIT, and the brave witnesses who were intimidated to abstain from court proceedings, sincere thanks to the NGOs that stood by the victims and last, not but not the least, thanks to the media for keeping the issue in the limelight. It is common knowledge that the government headed by Mr. Modi was fully aware of the situation. The Chief Minister’s recent statements that the law should hang him, he should not be forgiven if he is guilty, etc., challenge the law-enforcing agencies and the judiciary to catch him if they can. The only sour point is it took 10 years for the verdict to come.

Mohammed Muneer,


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