The article “A tale of two interventions” (editorial page, July 28) has unfolded lesser known facts about two historical events. The point is that it was the quality of political leadership in India during both events that made the difference.

R. Sampath,


The first intervention, in 1971, was a success and served the strategic interests of the nation because it was emphatically carried out by a twin team of absolutely dynamic, strong and committed political and military leadership in the persons of Indira Gandhi and Field Marshal Manekshaw. The second intervention, in Sri Lanka, was terrible. The IPKF literally landed in the war zone and had to directly engage the LTTE. The political leadership in India at the time never realised that neither the LTTE nor Sri Lanka wanted the Indian Army to interfere in their conflict. We have had to bear the consequences ever since.

Col. C.V. Venugopalan (retd.),



A tale of two interventionsJuly 28, 2012

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