I was shocked on reading the report “IAC volunteer tweets himself into trouble, faces three years in jail” (Nov. 1). The arrest of Ravi Srinivasan for tweeting on his Twitter account that Karthick Chidambaram has amassed more wealth than Vadra is violative of the fundamental right to freedom of expression enshrined in our Constitution. Even conceding without accepting that the allegation was ‘serious’, does it warrant such proactive action by CBCID men as pouncing on Mr. Srinivasan at five in the morning? We know what a struggle it is to register an FIR even in cases of gross atrocities against women and the oppressed sections. It is time the Information Technology Act was revisited.

S.V. Venugopalan,


Will Mr. Karti Chidambaram file a similar case against Subramanian Swamy who has also charged him with corruption? Or, is the wrath of the law-enforcing agencies reserved for the aam aadmi?

G. Shankar,


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