The article “BJP: in search of the X-factor” (Aug. 27) has presented the existing state of affairs in the principal opposition party very well. It would be bad for the country if the BJP failed to deliver. There will be no effective opposition to check the government’s actions. As pointed out in the article, the BJP soon needs to find a leader of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s stature. The Congress can smile for the time being, but it should ensure that complacency does not creep into it at any level.

Kunal Ray, Kochi

The turmoil in the BJP speaks volumes about its so-called ideology. The frustration over losing two Lok Sabha elections in a row seems to have broken its rank and file. I request the BJP to please throw some light on the critical analysis it undertook on its failure in the elections at its chintan baithak.

Natasha Kalra, Roorkee

The BJP claims to be a democratic party but does not display any democratic value. It expelled Jaswant Singh without even hearing him out. It is time Rajnath Singh, whose leadership has triggered crisis after crisis — Vasundhara Raje’s rebellion, Jaswant Singh’s expulsion and the opposition from Arun Shourie — stepped down. By nominating leaders to the BJP from among its cadre, the RSS is doing the party more harm than good.

P. Shibani, Madurai

Whether or not the RSS intends to take over the BJP’s reins, one wonders what it has to offer the common man as an Opposition party.

It is surprising that it does not realise the folly of following an outdated ideology that divides the people.

G.R. Jagannadh, Visakhapatnam

It is apparent that there is a communication gap between the BJP’s members and the Central leadership. It is unfortunate that the leaders do not understand that the party cannot afford to lose its hard-earned status of being the second largest.

S. Nagarajan, Thiruvananthapuram

The Congress has always been an amorphous organisation. Hence Nehru could shelve Gandhism. Narasimha Rao could bury socialism even though the Constitution declares India a socialist republic. The BJP is a different party with an ideological conviction.

There should, therefore, be a continuous struggle between those holding on to the ideology and those prepared to sacrifice ideology for power. The nation requires an effective and constructive Opposition. Those who care about the country should wish the BJP well.

N.R. Sathyamurty, Cuddalore

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