This refers to the article by Mr. Mukul Mangalik on the state of affairs at the University of Delhi (Some editions, Oct. 24). It is extremely disheartening and sad to note that teachers/professors in one of the most prestigious universities in India are using the issue of availability of casual leave, etc., as the basis to gauge the standing of the university. A lot of the anger that is being vented by the DUTA is primarily on two counts. The first issue being raised by the association is in relation to the implementation of the semester system. Teachers have been taking refuge behind reasons such as “degrading the quality and overall character of academic standards,” but the truth is that the implementation of the semester system will result in more (hard) work for students and teachers — something that adversely affects the status quo. The faculty of law in the university has been following the semester system since inception and has won laurels as being one of the best in India.

Mr. Mangalik also talks about the issue of curtailment of casual leave. University rules and the code of conduct clearly provide for redress mechanisms for such grievances. There have been instances where “mass leave” by the teaching staff has resulted in students facing hardship.

If DUTA’s members feel they are being wronged, they should approach an adequate forum to resolve the issue; not hold the entire academic system in DU hostage.

Arjun S.,

University of Delhi, New Delhi

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