As expected, the hawks are out to get Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, with the media going to town criticising him for being confrontationist and non-pragmatic. But we should appreciate him for giving up power, as it proves that he had no hunger for it. He came into politics to bring about a change in the system. I am sure that if there is a re-election, the AAP will get an absolute majority. The two national parties have proved that they are anti-people. Mr. Kejriwal has exposed them and proved that he is a sun among a million stars.

Umesh Rathod,


Mr. Kejriwal’s decision to resign will definitely have an impact on the political scene. Even though the AAP failed to pass the Lokpal Bill, it has succeeded in revealing that the national parties, though foes, will ultimately join hands to protect their own interests.

Parvathy Madhavi S.,

Mavelikara, Kerala

Mr. Kejriwal, a commoner, has proved beyond doubt that much can be achieved even in one’s initial foray into politics. Braving hostility, and with virtually no support from any seasoned politician, he has made a valiant attempt to improve the status of the aam aadmi. His resignation shows him to be a leader who is true to his word.

Nithya G. Nair,


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