The editorial “Divorce in a trice” (Nov.1) was well balanced. It is clear that the fatwa issued by Darul Uloom Deoband on the triple talaq, typed by a Qatari Muslim during an internet chat with his wife, is not in accordance with the Koran. The Deoband is frequently caught on the wrong foot. Its scholars should learn more about the Sharia and the Hadees.

K.S. Sukurullah,



A fatwa is only an opinion of a learned scholar or scholars, in this case the Deoband seminary. It is not enforceable and not binding. An individual can take a different position, the correctness of which can be confirmed only by god. Marriage in Islam is a contract in which solemn declarations are made and documented in the presence of witnesses. Islam is very lenient when it comes to separation. A man is given ample opportunities to take a final decision. Only the third talaq pronounced by him is irrevocable.

The action of the Qatari gentleman does not appear innocent, because he typed talaq three times. He also approached a conservative seminary for its opinion. Calling it a joke is an afterthought. It is a well established legal stand that ignorance of law is not an excuse.

O. Abdul Rahuman,



The editorial says triple talaq “has no place in a modern democratic society.” Let me point out that it does have a place in the Shariah. The Koran does nor categorically prohibit it. The editorial further says that triple talaq has no sanction in the Koran. May I ask which “aayath” (verse) of which “surah” (chapter) declares it “mamnoon” (not permissible) or “haraam” (unlawful)?

S.M. Pasha,



Look at the Qatari Muslim's act again. One can commit a mistake once, even twice, but not thrice. When we cannot treat the word talaq jokingly even once, how can one type it thrice inadvertently? Let us remember that the muftis have spent a lifetime acquiring knowledge.

S. Arshad Ali,



The latest triple talaq incident shows how lightly some Muslims treat divorce. The confusion prevailing over the issue does no good for the Muslim community as the ultimate sufferers are women. The debate following the controversy has exposed a great divide in community.

Vinod Kumar,


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