Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer’s “A tribute to Obama, a disciple of Gandhi” (Oct. 15) has rightly revealed the significance of world peace and Mr. Obama’s role in promoting it. Hope Mr. Obama’s future actions will give a meaning to this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

M. Selva kumar, Kuzhithurai

Mr. Krishna Iyer’s letter to Mr. Obama makes a pleasant reading and the pleading therein is appealing. Comments that the tribute is premature and that Mr. Obama stands no comparison with Gandhiji are unfair. We have to appreciate the perspective from which the learned jurist has addressed the world’s most powerful man. The appeal comes from his heart. It is an inspirational letter that will touch any right thinking person. His exhortation that termination of terrorism is not by war or arms but by farewell to blood and iron, has a Gandhian characteristic. The letter is timely and the core message is well delivered.

K.S. Shankar, Chennai

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