In all the extensive reporting on the blast/s on board the naval submarine INS Sindhurakshak and then its sinking, what was most interesting was the article on the chances of a sabotage being a cause — “‘If it was sabotage, only an insider could have done it’” (Aug.15). But such comments are scary and will only serve to demoralise the Navy.

N. Nagarajan,


It is sad that the best type of the Russian Kilo Class submarine, or Type 877EKM, had to go down in such a horrible manner. It is a blow from which the Navy will take a long time to recover. I am very attached to the EKMs having been part of the major refitting team of the first submarine in its class (INS Sindhugosh) and then seen this class evolve into a fleet.

I would also like to remind civilian readers that it takes very tough training to become a thorough submariner, perhaps more than double the time taken to train a general mariner.

D.V.V.S.S. Avinash,


Corruption has seeped into every pore of our national life. Is it the Navy’s turn to experience it? We already know how the Air Force is suffering in the light of allegations of corruption and inferior choice in the fighter and helicopter deals. The fact that sabotage has not been ruled out makes one think along these lines.

A.V. Reddi Sastri,


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