The killing of two Indian soldiers — the beheading of one — by the Pakistani army which crossed over to our side of the Line of Control is barbaric. Time and again we invite the Pakistanis for talks or playing cricket thinking that bilateral ties will improve. But Pakistan reminds us that it is not worth such engagements.

Pakistani attacks on Indian soldiers and posts and ceasefire violations along the LoC have become routine. The army and the civilian establishment of Pakistan, which are otherwise at loggerheads, close ranks during such times with no care for humanity. The Indian army should retaliate with equal force.

E. Praveen Ebenezer Paul,


We should suspend all further talks and sporting ties with Pakistan till it takes some tangible action to inspire confidence in us. It should dismantle terrorist training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and hand over the criminals wanted in India, including Dawood Ibrahim. Ask the Pakistani ambassador to leave the country.

S. Raghunatha Prabhu,


This has reference to the letter (Jan. 14) which rightly talks of the missed opportunities. I agree that our foreign policy needs an overhaul. But a referendum in Kashmir can be detrimental to our interests. A strong India needs Kashmir at its forefront.

Surej J. Puthuveettil,


We, as a country, are slow and inadequate in responding to the criminal act of Pakistan’s army in the LoC. Why did we ask for a flag meeting? We lack firmness in dealing with our neighbour, perhaps because we attach little value to the life of individuals. Israel, a tiny nation surrounded by inimical nations, displays much more courage and self-respect. When are we going to learn to hit back?

M.R. Anand,


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