This refers to the headline “Omar acts tough …” (Feb. 6). If Omar Abdullah had meant to be really tough, he would have taken action against the grand mufti who issued the fatwa saying music is un-Islamic — the root cause of the all-girl rock band in Kashmir folding up. Mr. Abdullah is after the small fish, leaving the shark free. If music is un-Islamic, why doesn’t the mufti issue a fatwa against all Muslim singers and music composers?

V. Sajeevan, Coimbatore

Unlike many of his counterparts, Mr. Abdullah has issued a no-nonsense directive to the police to hunt down all those who sent threatening messages to Pragaash on social network sites. This should serve as a lesson to ruling parties in other States.

Motupalli S. Prasad, Chennai

By acting tough against those abusing and harassing the young girls, Mr. Abdullah has shown the way to other Chief Ministers. It is the duty of the state to protect its citizens from law and order problems. But the moment an issue assumes a religious tinge, even the toughest Chief Ministers look the other way. Let us hope Mr. Abdullah will be a catalyst of change with respect to action against religious intolerance.

Vijay Shivram Menon, Kommeri

Salman Rushdie not allowed to visit Kolkata; Vishwaroopam banned till a few cuts made; young girls prevented from playing rock music; and an art exhibition asked to close down.

All this points to governance deficit. Most artists know their limitations. It is the government’s duty to protect law-abiding citizens.

Vivek Singh Grewal, Varanasi

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